Mission, Vision and Institutional Values

Practicing a positive philosophy focused on the future needs of its students and of the business world, our School's degrees aims to prepare professionals capable of contributing to the sustainable development of organizations. Therefore, our goal is to prepare flexible and dynamic professionals with specific knowledge of management and related areas (such as accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, distribution, logistics, and information systems).

The mission of ESCE/IPS is "to teach, investigate and provide services on the area of Business Administration, with the highest ethical and quality standards, dignifying Human Being, contributing, with the community participation to promoting the development of the country and, in particular, of the Setúbal region". To fulfil this mission ESCE/IPS´s aims are to prepare middle and senior management to the high level of scientific, technical, professional, cultural and human qualities on the area of Business Administration.

To attain this goal, ESCE promotes a different approach built on the following considerations:

  • Employability and satisfaction of our graduates – more than 90% of our students have found employment within one year of graduation.
  • Relations with the Business World – all our courses include a mandatory internship or business simulation upon completion; we encourage an open class system, conferences, field visits, case studies, consulting work, and training.
  • Practical training – classes at ESCE are dynamic, practical and geared for the business context
  • Good professor/ student relation – the professors at ESCE are extremely accessible and the relations with their students excellent, successfully combining teaching skills with research activities.
  • Study conditions and assistance – students may avail themselves of our excellent, modern facilities, wireless internet access and equipment, as well as benefit from our various assistance and scholarship programmes.
  • Innovative extra-curricular programmes and activities– use of simulations and technological applications, organization of “business weeks”, language labs, personal development seminars, and more.


As a Public Institution of Higher Education, it is essential to embrace the international space. To meet this challenge, ESCE/IPS has been implementing a formal internationalization policy based on the increase of mobility flows that provides greater opportunities for professional and personal enhancement through the knowledge of new people, new places and new cultures.