Mobility Programmes

International Module - Business Administration


The International Module was created as part of the ERASMUS Programme and aims to promote internationalisation and student mobility between European Union Member States and associated countries. This programme allows students to study in other countries for a period that can vary between 3, 6 and 12 months.

Combining theory and business practice, the module programme provides foreign students with a high level of scientific, technical, professional, cultural and human competence.

The International Module has a broad curricular structure made up of 25 curricular units taught in English, allowing students to acquire knowledge and skills in Portuguese language and culture and in the various areas of business science, namely Management, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Distribution and Logistics Management and Information Systems Management.


The objectives of the International Module are:

  • Getting to know other student environments;
  • Contact with other teaching/learning methods;
  • Acquire knowledge in other areas of study,
  • Improve the curriculum;
  • Reduce intercultural anxiety;
  • Increase proficiency in new languages.

Date of approval

15 June 2008

Programme Coordinator

Professor Maria Teresa Candeias Godinho Henriques

Study Programme

Study Programme

Reasons for choosing us:

  • It allows you to get to know other student environments and new cultures;
  • Internationalisation of knowledge;
  • Contact with other teaching/learning methods;
  • Acquire knowledge in other areas of study;
  • Increase proficiency in new languages;
  • The technical, scientific and pedagogical quality of its teaching staff;
  • The excellent learning conditions, quality equipment and services, high-level laboratories.


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